Planning Begins for 2014 Provincial Chapter

Jocelyn Thomas Friar News

NEW YORK — Preparation has begun for the 2014 Provincial Chapter. In less than eight months, Holy Name friars will meet at Siena College near Albany, N.Y., to discuss issues important to their lives and ministries, and to elect new leadership.

The HNP Chapter Planning Committee — a 10-member group formed this summer— has met twice, to prioritize tasks and decisions that need accomplishing before the June 1 to 7 gathering.

The committee includes friars from a variety of backgrounds: Frank Critch, OFM, of Triangle, Va., Robert Frazzetta, OFM, and Christopher VanHaight, OFM, of New Jersey, Michael Harlan, OFM, and Dennis Wilson, OFM, of New York City, Lawrence Hayes, OFM,from Durham, N.C., Erick López, OFM, and Joseph Nangle, OFM, of Silver Spring, Md., committee chair Daniel McLellan, OFM, of Clemson, S.C., and the Province’s General Visitor, Fr. Melvin Jurisich, OFM.

Theme and Logo
During a conference call this month, the committee members reviewed the objectives of the 2014 Chapter, evaluating possible themes and slogans, and began focusing on the spring fraternal gatherings, which prepare friars for the chapter by providing the opportunity to discuss topics that will be highlighted there. Daniel said the gatherings “will raise and stimulate consciousness regarding the friars’ personal and communal identity as friars. Each gathering will consider ‘are we who we say we are?’”

Because St. Francis was challenged with this question and the question was recently posed to the friars by a member of the HNP Lay Advisory Board, a member of the board will be asked to participate in part of each fraternal gathering as a way to provide an outside perspective to the conversations.

The spring fraternal gatherings will be held between February and April, said Michael, who serves as Provincial Secretary.

At its October meeting, the committee members chose Dominic Perri, a widely respected consultant to religious communities, to serve as a facilitator for the chapter. Perri has worked extensively with HNP before. He will help the committee design the fraternal gathering and will also participate at the chapter, moderating the non-voting portion of the chapter. The general visitor will serve as president of the chapter, presenting a report based on his conversations with HNP friars and facilitating the election.

Dan said the slogan and logo for the 2014 event will be finalized at the next chapter planning meeting, set for Nov. 18. The Chapter Planning Committee intends to ask one of the Province’s friar-artists to design the chapter’s logo.

At the 2014 Chapter, friars will vote for a new Provincial Minister and Vicar along with members of the Provincial Council.

As is the Province’s tradition, friars will choose the candidates for the leadership position following several phases of primary elections. The election itself will take place during the chapter.

“There are two nominating ballots for Provincial Minister and two straw ballots for Provincial Council,” said Michael. “The ballots for the Provincial Minister will most likely take place sometime between now and January. The ballots for Provincial Council will take place in the early part of 2014.”

The last chapter — the largest in HNP history — held in Maryland in January 2011, was given the theme Crossroads 2011. At that chapter, John O’Connor, OFM, was elected for his second term — three years — as Provincial Minister, and the current Provincial Council members were also chosen. A councilor’s term lasts for three years.

— Jocelyn Thomas is director of communications for Holy Name Province.