Peru Firehouse Equipment Dedicated to Mychal Judge

Jocelyn Thomas Friar News

LIMA, Peru — Last month, the memory of the New York City Fire Department chaplain who died on Sept. 11 was honored here during a firehouse’s 17th anniversary commemoration.

As part of the celebration on April 26 of the founding of Company 120 of the San Juan de Miraflores district, a new apparatus bay and roof were dedicated in memory of Mychal Judge, OFM. The new roof, recently financed by the government, will protect the fire trucks and equipment from exposure to the summer sun and winter fog from the ocean.

Two years ago, Company 120 received a fire truck from the Durmont, N.J., Fire Department named Engine Mychal Judge 120-03. Last year, the company dedicated a new instruction room to Mychal, said Christopher Dunn, OFM. He serves as chaplain to Company 120 and the 24th Division — Lima South, composed of five battalions and 18 companies.

The decision to dedicate the new roof and apparatus bay to Mychal was made by members of Company 120, who kept the decision a secret from Chris until just a few days before the ceremony. A plaque, with Mychal’s picture, was unveiled at the ceremony, said Chris, pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Lima. A company chief designed the plaque, he said.

Participants at the Saturday ceremony included the vice commander of the Lima South Division, battalion chiefs and neighboring station chiefs, along with members of Company 120.

The firehouse is located in Lima’s Southern Cone, an area originally settled as shantytown slums, said Chris. “The area is now a bustling informal economic zone and home to poor and lower class families,” he noted.

“Every year, Company 120 celebrates its anniversary on April 26,” he continued. “Thanks to the dedicated work of soliciting funds by station chief Capt. Valeriano, this year the federal government financed some new construction at the fire house: tile flooring for the kitchen and dining area, a paved sidewalk around the exterior of the building, grass for the garden, and a long-desired roof for the apparatus bay, a garage area.”

 Jocelyn Thomas is director of communications for Holy Name Province. Chris Dunn provided the above images.