Peacemaking Program Training Set

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WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Training sessions at the Washington Theological Union for “The Engage: Franciscan Peacemaking Program,” a 10-session experience sponsored by Holy Name Province, are being finalized for this summer by Russell Testa, HNP’s JPIC animator.

“It’s moving along great,” according to Russell, who is director of Holy Name’s office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

Several Holy Name Province ministries have expressed strong interest in participating.  There is limited space for the facilitators’ training with the September 7 to 9 dates a bit more popular than the July 19 to 21, Russ added.  Interested participants are encouraged to  contact  to  Russ Testa know  by mail at JPIC@HNP.ORG   or phone  202-541-5245.”  The deadline to register for training is July 6.

The program is being sponsored as a way of answering the call the friars made to themselves at their 2005 Chapter to serve as peacemakers.  In addition to supporting a small group to go through the Engage process, the Province will provide resources to share the message of peacemaking in local ministries, said Russ.