Parishes Mark Feast of St. Anthony

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BOSTON —The friars of St. Anthony Shrine here are celebrating the Feast of St. Anthony this week by hosting their semi-annual street fair and distributing St. Anthony bread and lilies.

Arch Street, site of the shrine, was closed for two hours on June 10 for the sixth fair commemorated teh belowed saint, so friars could serve free lunch and beverages, courtesy of two downtown stores. Each of the shrine’s ministries will have an informational table and  activities.

The music ministry group, led by Jennifer Honea Gale, provides popular contemporary Christian music, and will sell its two new CDs. The wellness center will give free screenings and the “Seniors on Arch Street” will sell knitted items and homemade Irish soda bread.

Fair participants can also write messages and send wishes to the shrine’s adopted soldier in Iraq, Sgt. Ted Hasty.

David Convertino, OFM, will draw the winner of the $250 prize, the first of more than 100 daily drawings during the summer. Exhibits by guests of St. Francis House,a day homeless shelter begun by Louis Canino, OFM, attracted large crowds, said Diane Monaghan, the shrine’s director  of development.

During the street fair, and after all Friday, Saturday and Sunday Masses, the friars will distribute St. Anthony’s bread for the poor. White lilies in honor of St. Anthony will be available for purchase.

In Paterson, N.J.,the Tredicina drew crowds to St. Anthony Shrine for the Sick at St. Bonaventure Church.  For  13 consecutrive Tuesdays,the novena  is prayed in preparation for the feast of St. Anthony of Padua, said pastor Daniel Grigassy, OFM.  On the final Tuesday, there were two shows of Umberto Marino’s Movie  “St. Anthony: The Miracle Worder of Padua,” starring Daniele Liootti and Enrico Brigano.

Other St. Anthony Observances Around the Province
As they do every year, many Holy Name parishes are commemorating the June 13 feast of St. Anthony.

• St.  Anthony of Padua Church, Yulan, N.Y. — An on-going novena to Saint Anthony occurs throughout the year.  The parish celebrates the feast day with greater solemnity, and a special breakfast follows Mass, according to Anthony Moore, OFM.

• St. Anthony Church, Butler, N.J. –- On June 13, the church blesses and distributes bread at Mass. Volunteers will also be recognized at an appreciation dinner, according to John Leonard, OFM.

• St. Francis of Assisi Church, Manhattan -– On June 13, the church offers the following:
— Masses and devotions in honor of St. Anthony in the upper church
— Veneration of the relic of St, Anthony (lower church) at 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
— Distribution of St. Anthony’s Bread from 7 a.m.. to 7 p.m. The parish staff reports that nearly 100,000 rolls have been purchased and will be distributed in two locations — West 31st Street and West 32nd Street.

Information about the tradition of St. Anthony’s bread can be found in the summer 2008 issue of The Anthonian magazine, available both online and in hard copy.

Editor’s note: More information about how the parishies and ministries of Holy Name Province commemorated the feats of St. Anthony will appear in a future issue of this newsletter.