Service to the Poor

Service to the Poor

St. Francis traced the beginning of his conversion to when God led him to live among lepers to serve them. Ever since that time, direct service to the materially poor and marginalized people of society has been a prized Franciscan ministry.

Many Holy Name Province parishes include service to the poor as an integral part of their ministries. One example is the more than 80-year-old St. Francis Breadline in New York City. In addition to the ministries listed below, other services, such as food pantries and thrift stores, can be found by visiting parish websites.

A group of 20 Franciscan Volunteer Ministers stand on a porch. They are holding hands and smiling.
Franciscan Volunteer Ministry

PO Box 29276
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Ph: 215-427-3070

Fr. Michael Duffy talks with a guest in the Inn's dining room. They are laughing together.
St. Francis Inn

Box 3746
2441 Kensington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125-1235
Ph: 215-423-5845