The Lord God has sent you into the world for this reason: that in word and deed you may give witness to his voice.”

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Artisans & Authors

artists-artisansAround Holy Name Province, many friars use creativity as a way to evangelize. These brothers and priests communicate Franciscan ideas and human insights through art, writing and other skills. Their products and itinerant ministry offer spirituality in a down-to-earth and timeless manner.


Several friars, based at a variety of locations along the East Coast, use their hands and eyes to create works of beauty.


Throughout the history of the Province, countless men have shared their knowledge and love of God through written word. Recently published articles by friars often are mentioned in HNP Today or on the “Friars in the News” page. Several men also maintain blogs.

Those listed below have authored published books that are still in print.


Several friars use their talents as composers and lyricists to create beautiful music.