The Lord God has sent you into the world for this reason: that in word and deed you may give witness to his voice.”

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St. Francis did not have any particular work or apostolate in mind when he founded his Order. He knew only that he and his brothers had encountered God’s love in their own lives and thus had to proclaim that love to all people, following in the footsteps of Jesus. Today, the Franciscan friars of Holy Name Province also desire to be a dynamic, evangelizing brotherhood, bringing God’s Good News into the everyday experience of all people in a variety of ways, primarily through parish ministry, education and campus ministry, diverse urban ministry centers, direct service to the poor, preaching and spiritual centers, foreign missions, and the work of our hands.

Ministry to the City
Service to the Poor
Preaching/Spiritual Centers
Foreign Missions
Artisans & Authors
Hispanic Ministry

St. Anthony’s Guild

St. Anthony’s Guild
St. Anthony's Guild, formed in 1924 in Paterson, N.J., is a religious association of laypeople guided by the Franciscan friars. Its mission is to promote the spiritual well-being of its members, to aid the education of young men in their vocation to the Franciscan Order, and to serve God by helping the Franciscans in every field of apostolic work. We invite you to join the Guild so that together we can show others that love at work makes a difference. More >

Franciscan Missionary Union

Franciscan Missionary Union
The Franciscan Missionary Union of Holy Name Province was founded in 1922 to support and promote the missionary activity of our friars. Over the years, the FMU has enabled our friar missionaries, as well as other religious and laypeople who have joined them, to bring the Gospel to people in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Brazil, China, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, and East Africa, as well as domestic missions. Since proclaiming the Gospel entails not only words but deeds, our missionaries continue to work with local communities to develop programs that foster the integral human development of the people they serve. More >