OFM Council Members Meet

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ROME — Members of the Order’s General Council, or general definitorium, gathered earlier this summer in Bellegra, Italy, to review a variety of topics.

According to the OFM Web site, participants who met at the St. Francis  Hermitage, completed their yearly assessment of their service animation and government and the work of various offices of the OFM curia, held its annual meeting with the General Council  of the FMM sisters, and met with the friars who work in the Holy See.

The site describes other topics discussed at the TF including:
• Approval of documents and letters
• Approval of the logo for the general chapter
• Appointment of 10 visitators
• Review of budgets
• Confirmation of the new custody, St. Francis, Herald of Peace, in West Papua

The next intensive work group of the general council  will be held in September.