North Jersey Parish Plans Jubilee Dinner

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LITTLE FALLS, N.J. —  The community of Our Lady of the Holy Angels Church here is planning a Jubilee dinner dance for May 31 to celebrate 125 years of Catholic Franciscan presence in Little Falls.

The event, being held at the Bethwood restaurant in nearby Totowa, N.J., will celebrate the theme selected by the parish for its jubilee year: Founded in Faith, Growing in Spirit, 125 years.

“Nothing more perfectly names where we are at this time,” said pastor Robert Sandoz, OFM.  “We have been solidly founded in the faith of Christ and we are growing together in the Spirit of the living God.”

In a recent letter, Robert said that the joyous event will “gather members of our community, new and old, to celebrate our past and to recommit ourselves to our future together.”

Information about the anniversary dance can be obtained by contacting the church office at 973-265-5200.