Newspaper Looks at Mychal Judge’s Final Resting Place

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TOTOWA, N.J. – The late Mychal Judge, OFM, is one of several famous and beloved people laid to rest at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and other eternal resting places in Totowa. The venerable Holy Sepulchre’s 88 acres were deeded to St. John’s Cathedral in the Diocese of Paterson, N.J., in 1864.

A recent article in New Jersey’s Herald News by Jennifer Cunningham listed Mychal, along with several congressmen, an actor, and an inventor of the modern-day submarine, to be buried there. 

In fact, Mychal’s is among more than 100,000 graves at the Totowa cemetery, a town in North Jersey that has five eternal resting places, the maximum number of cemeteries allowed under state law, according to the Herald News. The cemeteries are Laurel Grove, Holy Sepulchre, Mt. Nebo, Stein-Joelson and A.M. 

Franciscan friars are buried in a special section at Holy Sepulchre, marked with a large statue of the cross. Along with Mychal, also buried there is Fr. Leo Heinrichs, OFM, a Prussian friar who was the assistant priest and director of St. Bonaventure’s Church in Paterson, according to the paper. Heinrichs was transferred to St. Elizabeth’s parish in Denver, Colo., where on Feb. 23, 1908, a crazed gunman burst into the church and shot him to death, said the article.

Two congressmen, Robert G. Bremner (1874–1914) and Gordon Canfield (1898–1972), and actor John Spencer, best known for his work on “The West Wing” TV show, are also buried in Totowa.

John Holland, credited with inventing and launching a submarine into the Passaic River in May 1877, is also buried at Holy Sepulchre. Also laid to rest there are Daniel Duva, a boxing promoter who worked with Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Sugar Ray Leonard; and Dave Prater, half of the 1960s’ R&B group Sam & Dave.

The photo aboveshows the friars section of Holy Sepulchre Cemetary in Totowa. Mychal’s grave is to far right at the end near the flag and flowers.