Newsletter highlights human rights, peace-building

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The August e-newsletter of Franciscans International focused on a variety of human rights initiatives.

FI is launching a human rights competition to raise student awareness and interest. It will be launched on the feast of St. Francis, Oct. 4, in schools, universities and parishes for young people aged 14 to 22.

Participants will be asked to answer the question, “ Why do human rights matter to me?” More information is available on Franciscans International’s website.

The August issue of The Franciscan Voice, also included reports of:

• FI’s invitation to a private conversation with Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel. Fr. Elias D. Mallon, FI advocacy officer, discussed peace building between Israel and Palestine with Netanyahu via teleconference.

• In July, FI’s Asia-Pacific regional director helped instruct 22 human rights defenders on UN human rights mechanisms. Following the five-day Oceania Child Rights Training Workshop, participants returned to their communities across Asia-Pacific to form networks of child rights defenders.

• Sixty-one Franciscans and members of non-governmental organizations in Tanzania also received five days of training on international human rights standards and mechanisms including the Universal Periodic Review.

The newsletter also included information about a new resolution to make water and sanitation a universal right.