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ROME — If we want the Word to be embodied in our day-to-day life, then the practice of the prayerful reading of the Word must be habitual in our fraternities.

That was the message from the General Minister in his letter for the feast of St. Clare this month. Prayerful reading of the Word is “so recommended by the Church today,” he wrote, but noted, “we still have miles to go in this area.” News of his message was reported in the August/September issue ofFraternitas, the newsletter of the General Curia.

Minister Fr. Jose Rodriguez Carballo, OFM, referenced the examples of St. Francis and St. Clare in using the Word of God as the main source of their prayer life. “The Psalms and the biblical songs inspired and nourished their prayer so much that we can easily say that they both embodied the figure of the suffering servant of Yahweh in all its dimension,” he wrote, “ such as placing full trust in the Lord and immersing oneself in praise and adoration.”

Immaculate Conception Anniversary 
Fraternitas also reported that the Province of the Immaculate Conception, based in New York City celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 23. Festivities took place at St. Anthony’s Church in lower Manhattan, and included a Solemn Mass presided over by Minister General Jose, and others from Rome.

The Chapter of Mats for houses dependent on the general minister will take place Nov. 26 to 28. The theme is “Our Gospel Witness at the Service of the Order and its Motto the Gospel: To Live-Share-Witness.” The goal of the chapter is to get to know one another, discuss resources of each community, share the life and mission of the friars, and strengthen ties between fraternities.

OFM Website Relaunched
The Order has posted a new website, one which the General Curia hopes melds tradition and innovation, the past and present, and a culture of different languages.

Traditional Franciscan symbols and Latin expressions are blended throughout the site in a modern graphic design. Users can choose their language on the home page, and readily access approximately 20 articles on topics spanning the world.

“The website is created to be visual,” an article in Fraternitas reported, “thus showing the Order’s continuous effort to be updated and keep up with the times.”

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Br. Marko Semren, OFM, of the Province of the Holy Cross of Bosnia, Herzegovina, as the auxiliary of the Diocese of Banja Luka. He was guardian of the Franciscan convent of Gorica-Livno and professor of the Franciscan Theological Institute of Sarajevo.

— Compiled by Wendy Healy