News Briefs About Special Activities of HNP Friars

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Below are updates about some of the many activities of Holy Name friars, including their celebrations, presentations and ministry events. More information can be obtained by visiting links to the parishes and organizations mentioned, by contacting the friars by phone or email and by connecting with the Communications Office.

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Two members of the Provincial Council — Brian Belanger, OFM, and Lawrence Hayes, OFM — visited the Province’s ministries in Peru last month. They met with the friars based there to discuss present  and future needs of the missions as well as the state of Peruvian vocations.

George Corrigan, OFM, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Tampa, Fla., participated in last week’s meeting of the Franciscan Mission Service board of directors.

A new book by John J. Coughlin, OFM, titled Law, Person and Community is due for release by Oxford University Press in March. John is a professor of law and theology at the University of Notre Dame; a brief biography of John is available on Notre Dame’s website.

A photo of Michael Duffy, OFM, with a guest at St. Francis Inn, the soup kitchen in Philadelphia, appears on the cover of the Winter 2011 issue of The Anthonian. Other friars featured in this issue include Kevin Cronin, OFM,and Robert Lentz, OFM.

Members of the Province’s African Ancestry Committee, whose chair is David Hyman, OFM, met on Jan. 31. Their discussion points included development of vocation promotion materials and planning of a retreat for young African-American men.

Joseph Kotula, OFM, Kevin Kriso, OFM, and Daniel Riley, OFM, attended a conference last month in New Mexico titled “Nature and the Human Soul.” Dan recorded a podcast during the conference, which can be listened to by accessing the Mt. Irenaeus website.

Mount St. Mary College, Newburgh, N.Y., is hosting the second annual Philosophy Workshop from June 21 to 24. “Thomas Aquinas and the Mind/Body Problem” will follow on the “success of last year’s inaugural philosophy workshop, which attracted scholars from around the world,” according to a news release. President Kevin Mackin, OFM, participated in the 2011 workshop, co-sponsored by the Thomistic Institute, Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. A brochures, as well as registration information, is available on the MSMC website.

Creative gift items are available for purchase from Ye Old Friars Shoppe. The gifts — publicized by John McDowell, OFM, in St. Andrew Campus Ministry’s e-letter — include candles, soaps, wine bottle covers and other items. Proceeds support the university’s Guatemala Helps Weeks.

Last month, Jim McIntosh, OFM, was named director of internal and external communications for St. Anthony Shrine in Boston. The job includes communications and information technology.

Cassian Miles, OFM, of Butler, N.J., celebrated a Mass on Jan. 8 at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Lancaster, Pa., during which five women celebrated the Rite of Profession, joining the Our Lady Queen of Angels Secular Franciscans. While there, he visited the family of Kelly Lynch, co-founder of Mychal’s Message, who provided a phototo the HNP Communications Office.

Provincial Vicar Dominic Monti, OFM, is traveling south this week to give a presentation at Furman University in Greenville, S.C., where Patrick Tuttle, OFM, is chaplain.  This weekend, he heads west for a visit to the Franciscan novitiate in WIsconsin.

Last week, Provincial Minister John O’Connor, OFM, recalled memories of a dinner he had in the 1970s with Joe Paterno, the Penn State University football coach who died Jan. 22. John said he felt “fortunate to be invited to dinner with Joe and two faculty members, who were Penn State grads, while Joe was on campus in the ’70s. I remember him as the consummate gentleman. He had a warm engaging personality and a great sense of humor. He and his wife were devoted Catholics and had a very close relationship with the Benedictine priests who staffed the campus ministry center at Penn State. We discussed a wide range of topics, from sports, to education, to the state of the Church. Several times during the meal, people would recognize him, come to our table and ask for his autograph. Some famous people would have been bothered that their meal was being interrupted, but not Joe. He treated each person as if they were very special to him. At the end of the evening, he invited me to attend a Penn State game as his guest and to join him and his family for their traditional Sunday brunch at their home. I am sorry I never took him up on the invitation. It is so sad that his life ended as it did.”

James Sabak, OFM, successfully defended his doctoral thesis in the field of sacramental and liturgical theology on Jan. 18 at The Catholic University of  America in Washington, D.C.

Vocation Director Brian Smail, OFM, was one of several presenters at the Jan.29 Young Adults Retreat Day sponsored by the Archdiocese of New York titled “The Masks That we Wear.” The program, held at St. Francis of Assisi Church on West 31st Street, New York City, was well attended, said Brian, who, the previous week, had been in Georgia and South Carolina, speaking with students at three colleges.

Last week, Dennis Tamburello, OFM, presented at the Calvin Symposium on Worship in Grand Rapids, Mich. He served on a panel with notable Anglican bishop and scholar N. T. Wright on “Dying and Rising with Christ: Sacraments, Church Unity, and Faith Formation.” “In the latter part of that session,” Dennis said, “I spoke on my experiences as a member of the seventh round of Reformed-Catholic dialogue from 2003-2010. I also gave a workshop on ‘Union with Christ and the sacraments,’ which is based on research I originally did for my doctoral dissertation on John Calvin.” The workshop was attended by more than 1,500 people, half of whom were members of the Christian Reformed Church, and half from some 40 other Christian denominations and groups. “I was one of the few Catholics in attendance,” Dennis noted. Details about his sessions are available on the program’s page.

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— Compiled by Jocelyn Thomas