New Initiatives at MOW

Raphael Bonanno In the Headlines

The Ministry of the Word had two novelties this past Lent.

First, Joseph Kotula from Mt. Irenaeus did a parish mission on a team withRaphael Bonanno the first week of Lent in St. Luke’s Parish in Ellington, Conn., and was well received. It was the first time in recent memory that one of the lay brothers has teamed up to go bini et bini to preach. We hope Joe can do it again, and any other brothers who feel the call.

Second, the Lenten mission in St. Adalbert’s parish in Elmhurst, N.Y., had a novel feature. For the first time, we presented a new format, “Faith through Film.” The films featured were clips from Babette’s Feast, Les Miserables, Jesus of Nazareth and Brother Sun, Sister Moon. Raphael Bonanno did the preaching, and those attending the mission adapted well to the new format and liked it.