New General Vicar Elected

Maria Hayes In the Headlines

ROME — The Order’s General Definitorium elected Fr. Julio César Bunader, OFM, of the Province of the Rio de la Plata, Argentina, last week to serve as its new General Vicar.

Fr. Julio fills the vacancy left by Fr. Michael Perry, OFM, elected General Minister of the Order on May 22. According to the General Statues of the Order, when the office of General Vicar becomes vacant outside of a General Chapter, it is the General Definitorium’s responsibility to elect a replacement. The friar elected serves until the next General Chapter, which, in this case, will take place in 2015.

Prior to his July 8 election, Fr. Julio was serving on the General Definitorium representing Latin America, according to an article on the English-speaking Conference’s website. Although his election creates a vacancy on the Definitorium, the General Definiorium has decided not to fill the position given the short amount of time remaining in Fr. Julio’s term. Instead, Fr. Julio will assume the responsibilities of both positions until the next General Chapter.

The new general vicar was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1961 and entered the novitiate in 1984, making his first profession the following year. He professed solemn vows in 1988 and was ordained in 1992.

 Maria Hayes is communications coordinator of Holy Name Province.