Mychal’s Message Featured on Today Show

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The founder of Mychal’s Message, Shannon Hickey, 16, appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” on Nov. 16 as part of the Macy’s “Parade on Parade” promotion, which recognizes young people who have made special contributions to their communities.

The network spent two days with Shannon and her family who live in Landesville, Pa.  The adventure included interviews, weather challenges, and Shannon’s consistently enthusiastic nature.  NBC sent a limousine for the family and drove them from Allentown, Pa., to the filming site.

Shannon, a student at Lancaster, Pa., Catholic High School, is scheduled to appear on NBC for the ribbon-cutting ceremony that starts Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Mychal’s Message, an organization that aids the homeless through donations of clothing and other supplies, was formed to continue the mission of Mychal Judge, a friend of Shannon’s family, who died on 9/11 while serving as chaplain to New York’s fire department.

According to its Web site, Mychal’s Message has given 100,000 items to homeless people in its five years of existence.