Ministerial Development Meets

Andrew Reitz Around the Province

The ministerial development directorate met recently with a full agenda.

Francis Gunn, chair of the visioning and planning committee, met with the directorate to discuss issues and directions of the directorate in order that both the directorate and the committee would remain in communication with one another. Issues such as partnership, the future of ministries, new ministries, and leadership were discussed.

The second part of the meeting was given over to a discussion and the planning of the meetings with the Partners in Ministry that will be held in the autumn. There will be four locations for the meetings: Hartford, Raleigh, 96th Street and Pompton Lakes. The meetings will deal with leadership, and, rather than being open to anyone who ministers in a ministerial setting, a certain number of lay leaders will be invited. This will be an opportunity to continue to form our lay leaders, as well as give them skills to take home for the formation of new leaders. The servant leadership program will serve as a model for the presentations. The theme of the meetings will be “Enhancing Partnership in Ministry through Servant Leadership.”

During the third part of the meeting, we had an enjoyable dinner/discussion with a number of the lay ministers at Hartford who have participated in the servant leadership program. This is an important part of the ministry at St. Patrick-St. Anthony’s. The dinner conversation provided an opportunity for the members of the directorate to understand better how servant leadership can help form leaders in our ministries.

The next meeting of the directorate will be June 15 at the Provincial Office.