Ministerial Development Directorate Meets

Andrew Reitz Around the Province

On March 14, the Ministerial Development Directorate met at 31st Street in New York to continue its discussion on the state of partnership in Holy Name Province. Two reports preceded the partnership discussion: report on the progress of selling the Province’s building in Providence, R.I., and the beginning of a parish ministry and a report on the invitation by Bishop Gossman of Raleigh to take over the campus ministry at Chapel Hill.

Letters have been sent to our ministries in Boston, Raleigh, Pompton Lakes, and 96th Street regarding the scheduling of PIM’s, Partners in Ministry programs, for the autumn of 2006 in these locations. The topic will be “Servant Leadership and the Possibilities for Partnership.”

James Gorman moderated the discussion on Partnership in Holy Name Province. The first question that was posed to the group was: what do we want out of the Partners in Ministry initiative? What do the friars want, what does the Province want, what do the partners want? After a lengthy discussion, the group was asked: Why is Partners in Ministry working in some ministries? The next question was: Why is Partners in Ministry not working in some ministries? The final question was directed to suggesting concrete steps to help the process of Partners be more solidly established and flourishing throughout the Province

The results of the discussions will be organized and sent to the members of the Directorate and anyone who would like a copy. Notice will be in HNP Today when the results are available.