Ministerial Development Directorate Meeting

Andrew Reitz In the Headlines

On Jan. 31, the Ministerial Development Directorate met at the Provincial Offices for its third meeting of the year. As you may know, members of our directorate had investigated the possibility of the Province’s taking over the pastoral care of the ministry connected with Clemson University. However, during our meeting John O’Connorannounced that he had just been talking with the Director of Priest Personnel for the Diocese of Charleston, S.C. and the bishop has decided to assign three diocesan priests to take over this ministry.

Frank Sevola reported on the progress of the transition that is taking place in Providence, R.I. The present building that houses the friary and ministry on Weybosset Street is being sold, and the friars and the diocese are in conversation about taking over a parish in Providence. The parish has great potential, and it is felt that the people who come to Mass on weekends, and who are involved in the ministries at Weybosset Street, will easily move to the new ministry site.

The state of Partnership in Holy Name Province and a way to evaluate it was discussed at length. Among the questions that were discussed were: where does partnership work best in HNP, what are some of the characteristics of a strong partnership, what are the levels of partnering, what is the friar’s role, what gets in the way of partnership happening? In order to facilitate this discussion more at the next meeting, a facilitator will be invited to work with the Directorate.

The tentative scheduling on four PIMS in this autumn took place. The focus of these PIMS would be the ongoing development of leadership for the core lay leaders in a ministry. These lay leaders have a significant role in being Partners, and time spent with them on the topic of servant leadership would enhance our ministries.

The next meeting of the directorate is Tuesday, March 14 at 9:30 a.m. at 31st Street. For more information or questions, e-mail Andrew Reitz, Chair of the Directorate at