Memorial Day: Remembering the War in Iraq

Russ Testa Around the Province

Brennan Connelly has made a suggestion to all HNP ministries that for Memorial Day 2006 we might consider a way to remember those who have died in Iraq. In so doing, we can continue the efforts from our Chapter 2005 to create the space for dialogue that helps find a peaceful solution in Iraq.

To this end, Brennan suggests that each ministry make simple prayer cards. On one side is printed the following prayer (or a version you want to prepare):

“Lord, we pray to be instruments of peace. We declare, in unison with our former Pope John Paul II, that ‘war is always a defeat for humanity,’ since it destroys life. We pray that those on all sides of the conflict can feel your healing. Today, we especially remember those servicemen and servicewomen who have died. May you, dear Lord, be with their families in their grief and give us all the wisdom and courage to find a peaceful resolution to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

On the other side, pictures and information from one of the Web sites below can be printed. These Web sites have a listing of all of the U.S. and Coalition service men and women who have died in Iraq or Afghanistan.

This is obviously a delicate issue, and sensitivity in our approach must be taken. We must make sure that we are not exploiting the deaths for political points, nor must we allow the danger of being misunderstood keep us from being engaged in the public discussion of the war.

If you want to discuss this more, please feel free to contact Russ Testa at (202) 541-5245 or