Mathias Doyle Featured in St. Anthony Messenger

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The March 2006 issue of St. Anthony Messenger features Mathias Doyle and his ministry in the Saint Anthony Shrine Lazarus Program. In the article entitled “Providing For Decent Burials in Boston,” Pat McCloskey, OFM, quotes Mathias: “My present ministry calls for me to work with others on behalf of the poor and marginalized among us. We strive to provide wherever possible for the needs of the less fortunate, to educate ourselves about today’s pressing social needs and to advocate for change where justice demands it. Franciscans have a long tradition of standing with the poor in solidarity. We have credibility due to the works performed by men and women, lay and religious Franciscans over almost 800 years.

“This gives us the possibility, and I believe the obligation, of being leaders in the fight for greater justice in our society and world today. Not to do so would betray not only those we seek to serve but also our Franciscan heritage itself. To care for the ‘unwanted dead,’ to advocate for justice or to work together for a more peaceful world – these are what I feel God calls us to today.”

The Lazarus Program at Saint Anthony Shrine provides a Mass or memorial service at the shrine or at a funeral home. Relatives (if there are any), friends, and Lazarus program volunteers attend. The burial plots are donated.

The articles ends, “Wherever the Lord has led him as a friar, Mathias has helped to make the person of Jesus Christ more real to women and men created in God’s image and likeness.”