Malta Province Offers Franciscan Resources Online

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ROME — The March issue of Fraternitas includes an update of Franciscan ministry in Haiti after the earthquake, as well as information about a new Franciscan Web site, UFME and a recent youth conference in Chile.

Haiti, After the Earthquake
“The people of Haiti, who are resilient in suffering, rely on the friars, who, in turn, love their people,” according to the March issue, which outlines the work of each of three Franciscan communities in Haiti.

Saint Alexandre Church in downtown Port-au-Prince has been converted into a hospital pavilion with medicine and many patients and one of the friars there “pitched many tents for homeless children to provide them with a place to eat and sleep.”

At the fraternity of Croix-les-missions, which suffered considerable damage, “the friars sleep out in the open in the little square between the friary and the church.” Friars and 11 youth in initial formation at the third fraternity, untouched by the earthquake, are said to be busy assisting victims.

New Web site from Malta Province
Also announced in the March issue was a new Web site from the Province of St. Paul the Apostle of Malta. The site,, launched on the feast of St. Francis in 2009 and offers Franciscan news and information.

“The goal of this new site is to be of service to the Franciscans to download freely, in English, Franciscan wisdom, themes and translations of Franciscan texts,” reported Fraternitas. was designed to be a resource for initial and ongoing formation for the entire Franciscan family.

UFME’s Ninth General Assembly
On Feb. 6, the ninth general assembly of the Conferences of Europe took place in Brussels, Belgium. “Project Europe,” as the assembly was called, included initiatives for young Europeans, the constitution of a “temporary” International Fraternity on the way to Santiago, Spain, and the commitment to animate and study further the project itself.

Roughly 70 major superiors, provincial ministers, provincial vicars and general definitors were present.

South American Youth Gathering
Roughly 200 youth from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Chile gathered in Santiago, Chile, in January for the third YouFra of South America. The event, “I Have Chosen Holy Poverty as My Lady” included moments of prayer, formation and fraternal sharing. The next gatherings of YouFra will be in January 2012 in Colombia.

This month, General Minister Fr. José Rodríguez Carballo, OFM, is visiting provinces in Ukraine and Albania.