‘Love Holding Love’: New Music for Franciscan Worship, Prayer

HNP Communications Franciscan World

NEW YORK – A large group of Franciscans from around the world has produced a double compact disc and songbook, “Love Holding Love,” consisting of 26 Franciscan mantras drawn from the writings of St. Francis and St. Clare.

The mantras are designed for personal and individual prayer leading to contemplation, small community groups, prayer groups, retreats, communal prayer, and public liturgy where hymns and responsive antiphons are used.

André Cirino, OFM, who produced the music with Josef Raischl, SFO, said the music is aimed at adding a new dimension to the prayer and worship of the Franciscan family.

Produced for singers and musicians, the CDs are being distributed by Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs, with proceeds helping offset scholarships for friars from developing countries to attend Assisi pilgrimages. The songbooks are distributed by Tau Publishing of Arizona.

The cost of the CD is $25, plus $4 for shipping and handling, for orders of up to nine copies. Free shipping for orders of nine and up, and a 20 percent discount for orders of 10 or more. The songbook is $5.95 per copy for the singer’s edition; $8.95, musician’s edition.

Fr. André said the songs can be sampled on the Assisi Journey Web site.

To order, call 414-427-0570, or visit  www.franciscanpilgrimages.com.