Long Beach Island Friars Seek Assistance

Dominc Monti In the Headlines

In our Rule, Francis exhorts us as brothers: “Let each one confidently make known his need to the others. “It is in that spirit that the friars in Beach Haven are requesting assistance in their ministry and fraternity during this time of need caused by John Ullrich’s cancer treatment.

Long Beach Island is a busy parish that demands the work of three ordained ministers. Due to John’s illness, only Steve Kluge and Thomas Conway are able to commit themselves to these ministerial needs.

We are asking friars to examine their own ministerial commitments over the next several months to see if someone might be free to assist them. Though a friar priest coming in for weekend assistance is always appreciated,  it would be much more desirable if a friar might be able to commit himself to living and working in the Beach Haven community for several weeks at a time.  John will be having chemotherapy treatments for the next several months, so this need will be ongoing for the near future.

Although the need is greatest for an ordained friar, a brother who is free could also render great assistance to the community on Long Beach Island.  If a friar feels he might be able to assist them, please contact Dominic Monti at the Provincial office.