Letter on the ‘Spirit of Assisi’

HNP Communications Franciscan World

The General Minister, José Rodríguez Carballo, OFM, has written a letter on the 20th anniversary of the Inter-religious Meeting of Prayer for Peace, the event when Pope John Paul II met with world religious leaders in Assisi to pray for peace.

John Paul II many times invited men and women of good will to be inspired by the “Spirit of Assisi” in order to construct a more just world in solidarity.

“What does it mean, for us today, that Francis is our reference point and, especially, how can we, the children of Francis, be still, wherever we may be, authentic witnesses to peace and what do we allow others to see of his fascinating human and gospel adventure?” asks the General Minister.

Reminding the friars that this year of the multi-year celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Order is dedicated to reflection on the Cross of San Damiano, he says, “Having discovered the meaning of the words of the Crucifix, the Poverello became a promoter of peace through circular and private letters, through the announcement of the Kingdom of God and of the divine gift of peace (cf. 1Cel 10), becoming, in this way, the ‘angel of true peace’ (LegMj, Prologue 1).”

The full text of the General’s letter can be found using the link below.