Last Call for Annals Submissions

HNP Communications Friar News

NEW YORK — Julian Davies, OFM, editor of The Provincial Annals, has extended the deadline to June 10 for submissions for the next edition of the Annals.

Julian said that when submitting photos to accompany an article, “it is best to submit a high-quality original photo or a high-quality electronic file on a CD.”

He said, “When photos are sent via e-mail or downloaded from a website, the quality of the photo file is compressed, and the resolution of the photo is much less than is needed for a printed publication. Materials from the Internet or sent from a digital camera are not suitable for a printed publication like the Annals.”

In an article that appeared in the 1986 Provincial Annals, former Provincial Minister Mathias Faust, OFM, addresses the question of why have a Provincial Annals.

He wrote: “Do we not care to let live and impart life to others through the things that have given life and joy to us, the things that make a friar’s life worth living? Surely, we must be humble; surely, we must be unselfish. But humility must bow to the zeal for the House of God, and unselfishness may never hide under the cloak of conceit or laziness.

“There is, in our Order,” he added, “and, for that matter, in the Church of God the ancient and sound policy of recording accurately and faithfully the things that happen today for the Glory of God, who remains forever, and for the edification of those that shall follow us tomorrow. … May this publication serve as one more link of zeal and cooperation among the present generation, and as a link of wholesome emulation between the present and the future.”

Historical information, gathered from Holy Name Province’s Annals, is provided as an ongoing series titled “This Month in Provincial History” in the HNP Today newsletter.