Know An Organization That is Saving the Planet?

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SOMERSET, N.J. — PlanetHugger is seeking nominations for its Garden State Green Awards — or “Boggies” — to be presented in October at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Central New Jersey. These awards, recognizing organizations and individuals who are helping the environment, are part of the Garden State GreenFest, sponsored by Kean University.

The Boggies — nicknamed for the once abundant Bog turtle, now among 16 indigenous animals on the N.J. endangered species list — honor individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to the environment through:
· Preservation, reclamation or conservation activities
· Advocacy and pursuit of ‘green’ lifestyles or business practices
· Support or development of green or sustainable energy or energy conservation.

Honorees may have brought attention to a problem, pursued solutions or inspired action.

Nominations, which include a 300-word essay, are due Aug. 13. More information is available on the Garden State Greenfest website.

Planet Hugger is “determined to educate, inspire and empower children and adults, individuals and families, men and women, urbanites and small town folks to come together in their communities and workplaces to create a more sustainable planet for future generations,” according to the organization’s website.

The Oct. 1 to 3 GreenFest, being held the weekend before the feast of St. Francis, will include exhibits, workshops, presentations and music relating to ecology. A similar event also hosted by PlanetHugger will be held Sept. 24 and 25 in New York.