Kevin Mullen and Colleagues Discuss Mentoring on Siena’s Radio Show

Janet Gianopoulos Around the Province

LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. — On the News & Views radio program on July 7, host Kevin  Mullen welcomed three guests to talk about the importance of mentoring young people: Jim Snyder, who directs a mentoring program at Siena College; Kevin Daly, a Siena alumnus who’s been  involved in service activities on and off campus; and Brittany Dobbs, a Siena student majoring in marketing and management.

Snyder founded the mentoring program at Siena 42 years ago, at the suggestion of alumnus Fr. Peter Young.  He later developed a summer program at the prompting of Boniface Hanley.  Snyder estimates that more than 3,000 students have been involved: including Brittany, who was mentored and is now doing that in turn  (but she doesn’t see it as an obligation as much as a pleasure).

Daly demonstrated “Mr. Wizard”-type science feats for the youngsters.

Donors and supporters of the mentoring program have included the Benevolence Fund of the Franciscans of Holy Name Province, and also a few individuals who want to remain anonymous.

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—  Janet Gianopoulos is director of news services at Siena College.