Kazakhstan Bishop Visits Assumption Province

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FRANKLIN, Wis. — Bishop Henry Howaniec, OFM, of Almaty, Kazakhstan, visited Assumption Province, based here, during his recent tour of the United States. He was described in the Aug. 27 edition of the province’s newsletter as looking well, despite health challenges in the past year. Bishop Howaniec stayed at the St. Stanislaus Friary and Parish in Cleveland.

The Provincial Newsletter also included an article about the status of the Order’s request to be designated as a “mixed” Order, rather than “clerical.” According to canon law, in a clerical religious institute, only priests may exercise authority as major superiors, the newsletter said. The General Minister said that the Order’s petition is on the pope’s desk, awaiting his decision.

Staying Healthy
The newsletter also provided safety and health tips related to the H1N1 flu, emphasizing that frequent hand-washing is the best effort people can make to prevent getting sick. The newsletter also suggested that friars discuss the vaccination with their doctors.

Vocation Myths
In an article about the study released by the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC), Assumption’s newsletter described myths that were dispelled about religious life and the vocation crisis.

The study found that:
• New members are drawn to community ministries. Most new members were already involved in some sort of ministry. They are drawn to a way of life that is different than their own.

• New members prefer to live in a community of people of differing ages.

• Religious life is not dying. In fact, since Vatican II, 175 new religious communities have been founded in the United States.