Pope Francis

Pope Francis

The papacy of Pope Francis has brought new energy and excitement to many in the Church.

Pope Francis’ most recent document, the encyclical “Laudato Si’” (Care for Our Common Home), challenges us to act on many levels to preserve creation.  For suggested group actions around Laudato Si’ or to learn of the varied responses by Holy Name Province friars and ministries, click here.

The Franciscan community also joins the Pope in his call for a new evangelization. In this spirit, Holy Name Province has prepared a number of brief reflections on elements of Pope Francis’ statements and writings, particularly his apostolic exhortation, “Evangelii Gaudium” – “Joy of the Gospel” (To read this inspiring text in its entirety, click here.)

For your convenience, the individual reflections are available in both English and Spanish. Consider including them as bulletin/newsletter inserts.

“Joy of the Gospel” – Social Justice
Francis, “A Man of Peace”
By Fr. Ken Himes, OFM
Francisco, “Un Hombre de Paz”
Por Fr. Ken Himes, OFM Traducido por Sandra Toala, Wilmington, Del.
“Joy of the Gospel” – Ecclesiology
Is it merely a blip of is there a new church coming?
By Fr. Vincent Cushing, OFM
¿Es sólo un tiempo pasajero o hay una nueva iglesia que viene?
Por P. Vincent Cushing, OFM Traducido por Alicia Dominguez, Wilmington, Del.
“Joy of the Gospel” – Economy
“Evangelii Gaudium” and the Economy
By Fr. Stephen N. DeWitt, OFM
” Evangelii Gaudium ” y la Economía
Por P. Stephen N. DeWitt, OFM Traducido por Katushka Olave, Durham, N.C.
“Joy of the Gospel” – Immigration
The Immigrant Poor in the Eyes of “Evangelii Gaudium”
By Fr. Julian S. Jagudilla, OFM
El Pobre Inmigrante en los Ojos de “Evangelii Gaudium”
Por P. Julian S. Jagudilla, OFM Traducido por Sandra Toala, Wilmington, Del.
“Joy of the Gospel” – Creation Care
Care for the Earth – Listening to Pope Francis
By Fr. Jacek Orzechowski, OFM
Preocúpense por la Tierra – Oyendo al Papa Francisco
Por P. Jacek Orzechowski, OFM Tracudido por Sandra Toala, Wilmington, Del.