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Justice and Peace

The pursuit of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) is one of the chief priorities of the Holy Name Province and flows naturally from the life of St. Francis and the Franciscan movement that he inspired in pursuit of the Gospel Life.


Immigration Resources and Action

President Trump’s Administration has been increasing the intensity and broadening the scope of immigration deportations and enforcement.  Many of our ministries have been providing vigorous support for our immigrant sisters and brothers.  In addition, we in the JPIC Office have been working closely with the USCCB through Justice for Immigrants (JFI) and Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc. (CLINIC) to monitor the situation and relay advocacy actions when needed.

CLINIC has produced several resources that enable immigrants to know their rights. Please distribute these resources to communities of immigrants and non-immigrants so that we can develop a web of solidarity.  The resources are guides, printable cards and short videos, all of which are available both in English and Spanish.

The written resources are available from

The video, in Spanish, is found at:

The video, in English,  is found at:

Many of our ministries already have provided these materials, along with immigration forums that give the opportunity for immigrants to seek legal counsel.  If your ministry has not yet offered these resources, consider contacting your local Catholic Charities office for help with the effort.

Finally, Justice for Immigrants has drafted a sign-on letter targeting brothers, deacons, priests and sisters.  Show your support for the U.S.’s refugee resettlement program by adding your name here.

Our Initiatives

Learn about the major Holy Name Province JPIC initiatives which develop from Chapter discussions and in response to the significant issues affecting our ministries.