JPIC Directorate Working on Several Projects

Fran Eskin-Royer Around the Province

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The new members of Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Directorate are off to a strong start. Members have already  participated in one meeting and two conference calls.

Here is what is in the works:

  • The HNP Web site has a new section for “JPIC Homily Tips.” Many friars have asked for ways to better integrate JPIC messages into their Sunday preaching, according to JPIC Director Russell Testa. The directorate offers weekly posts until Easter, and then will evaluate this resource, based on its use and friars’ comments.
  • The directorate is also promoting Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD), March 13 to 16. This year, the focus is global climate change. The 2009 gathering also will pay special homage to Franciscans in light of the 800thanniversary of the movement. The directorate’s goal is to have at least two persons from each HNP ministry participate. The JPIC office again can offer scholarships. Testa would like to have a strong Franciscan presence at the EADs. Note that the registration deadline is approaching. Contact Testa at for more information.
  • The group is working to update and improve the JPIC section of the HNP Web site. It asks friars to offer input on aspects of the site that are helpful, and what information they would like to see added.
  • In collaboration with the Franciscan Action Network (FAN) and other HNP ministries, the directorate is working to produce an integrity of creation education and action process for friars and partners in ministry.
  • The group is preparing resources for reflection and action on JPIC matters to coordinate with the Fraternal Life in Ministry Plans, as called for by the HNP strategic plan approved at Chapter 2008.
  • The directorate encourages friars and partners in ministry to be more active in legislative advocacy. In particular, it urges friars and others to join FAN. Speaking with one voice through FAN, a Franciscan-infused advocacy message is more likely to be heard, according to Testa.

Testa is working with the directorate to prepare to visit HNP ministries. He looks forward to sharing JPIC plans, learning all about the JPIC actions taking place in the Province and receiving input from friars and partners.

Stay tuned for more JPIC happenings. In the meantime, send ideas, feedback or questions to the directorate through Testa.

— Fran Eskin-Royer is senior staff assistant for Holy Name Province’s JPIC Office in Washington, D.C.