JPIC Directorate Meets to Discuss Strategies

Russell Testa Around the Province

WILMINGTON, Del. — Members of the justice and peace and integrity of dreation (JPIC) directorate met at the St. Paul Friary for its quarterly gathering Jan. 18-19.The group reviewed the Province’s JPIC activity, especially the overwhelming success of the Engage Franciscan Peacemaking Process.

The directorate met in response to the visioning and planning committee’s request to review approaches of the strategic plan. Overall, the JPIC directorate was pleased with the direction, but will make a few suggestions for a broader discussion. In particular, it recommends further discussion of:
►  The focus on peacemaking as clearly affirmed by current Provincial actions
►  More outreach and advocacy to the poor and the marginalized 
►  A new strategy that encourages the Province to expand its work on integrity of creation issues

In addition, the directorate discussed how it might help friars and ministries be more sensitive to the struggles of the working poor in light of economic recession. 

The meeting ended with prayer and great appreciation for the friars who hosted the meeting. 

The next meeting is April 17 in New York City.

 Russell Testa is the Province’s director of Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation. He is based in Washington, D.C.