Joe Rozansky Works on Organization, Animation

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ROME  — Joseph Rozansky, who heads the Franciscan Order’s Justice and Peace Office, met with Vicente Felipe of Spain at the General Curia in September to re-organize the JPIC office and to implement various projects, as well as to animate the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) efforts of the Order through contact with the friars.

The office recently sent to all entities  two resource booklets, the “Proceedings of the II OFM International JPIC Congress”, held in Brazil, and a compilation of citations about JPIC taken from the principal documents of the Order (more copies are available through Rome’s JPIC Office).

These booklets were accompanied by letters to provincials and custodes outlining JPIC work for the next three years. This work centers on how the chapter of 2003 implemented its JPIC decisions. An evaluation form was then sent to all JPIC animators requesting that the form be filled out by representatives of both the entity and the conference, according to the Web site.

Further information about JPIC can be found on the Web page of the order as well as in its newsletter Fraternitas.