Innovative Lenten Programs at UGA

Tom Vigliotta Around the Province

ATHENS, Ga. – As part of its Lenten programs, the Catholic Center at the University of Georgia was pleased to host two special events during the week of March 5.

One event was the “Busy Person’s Retreat.” These days provided an opportunity for members of our community to pray the scriptures for an hour a day and then to meet with a spiritual director. We are grateful to Greg Jakubowicz, our director of vocations, to have joined us in the capacity of spiritual director.

He was kind enough to stay over the weekend, where he preached a passionate homily on St. Francis. We are sure that he made the people ponder God’s call to us and maybe planted a seed for some young men to consider our way of life. He was well received by the people.

On March 8, Peter Schneible, from St. Bonaventure University, offered a well-balanced Catholic perspective regarding the controversy about “Creationism vs. Evolution.”

The ministry of both of these friars to the UGA community is appreciated, and their presence helped the people here to experience a broader view of Holy Name Province. Thanks Greg and Peter!