HNP Hispanic Committee Researches Needs

Jud Weiksnar Features

DURHAM, N.C — Members of HNP’s Hispanic committee met last week to listen to the observations and concerns of the Raleigh/Durham friars and their partners in ministry regarding Hispanic ministry.

The friars and partners had excellent input for the committee. Jacek Orzechowski gave a statistical overview of the rapidly-growing Hispanic population in North Carolina, especially in Wake County. Irene, one of the laity, observed that immigrants are not only concerned about legal matters, but about family issues also. She recommended that our ministries have a “pastoral de la familia” or family ministry that can help families with issues pertaining to family unification and family values. We also discussed two models of Hispanic ministry and their implications for friars and the people we serve.

After lunch, the committee met with several friars to talk about vocations and formation issues and how they relate to Hispanic ministry.

The Durham friars did an excellent job of hosting the meeting, held at the new Emily Krzyzewski Family Life Center located next to the new church. The Raleigh friars provided warm hospitality and a great meal to the committee members who stayed overnight.

During the past year, the committee has held listening sessions in the Bronx, Wilmington, Silver Spring, Camden and Durham. We also distributed a comprehensive survey to friars in formation and to those recently professed regarding issues related to the Bolivia experience, preparation in Spanish language and culture, and Hispanic ministry. Now that the information-gathering stage is concluded, our next step is to process the information and send our observations and suggestions to the Provincial Council and to various directorates, committees, and offices.

Committee members who participated in the Durham meeting, pictured above, were David McBriar and Jud Weiksnar in the front row,  Steve Patti on the first step, Milagros Anto, and Mark Reamer on the second step; and Jacek Orzechowski, Javier Garcia and Dan McLellan on the top step.