‘HNP Friars Only’ Web Page Expanded, Renamed

HNP Communications Around the Province

NEW YORK — The Provincial Web site’s “Friars Only” page is no longer just for friars. It has been expanded and renamed.

Just before the new year began, the page was named HNP Extranet – For HNP Friars and Their Lay Administrators — as a way to clearly convey that the information is for use by a variety of audiences.

This secure section provides documents, forms, reports and other information to HNP friars, as well as to bookkeepers and administrators at HNP ministries and friaries. It also provides Provincial committee members with a place to share working documents, according to Dennis Wilson, OFM, Provincial Treasurer, who initiated many of the enhancements.

A link to the Extranet login can be found at the bottom right side of every page on the Web site, including the home page.  It is accessed by clicking on the words “HNP Extranet Login.”

Login Assistance
While local bookkeepers and administrators can access the site, they have a limited view of the documents and information. HNP friars have access to all the information in this section.

Bookkeepers who do not have access can set up the necessary login information by contacting HNP’s Communications Office. Send an e-mail to Jocelyn Thomas at communications@hnp.org, including the name, location and e-mail address of the administrator/bookkeeper. Friars who need assistance with accessing the Extranet are also asked to contact the Communications Office.

Documents and Software 
All forms on the Extranet are gradually being converted to PDF files. To open these documents, it is necessary to use the most current version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. The latest version of the application is 9.0. It can be downloaded here.  A link to download Adobe Reader is also available on the Extranet.

“In addition to reading Adobe documents on their computers, users can now complete a form right on the computer by typing in the requested information,” Dennis said. “You can then save it to your computer, e-mail the completed form or print it out as usual.” He recommends saving computer forms that are used regularly.

Among the friar information available on the site are HNP auto, census instructions, diocesan compensation, and budget forms.

Friars can check to see whether their autos are covered by the HNP insurance plan.  Click on “HNP Insured Autos” on the left.  A user name and password is required.   Dennis suggests e-mailing communications@hnp.org if a friar needs the user name and password for HNP Insured Autos.

“If you find an error in the listing, fill out the ‘Auto Change Notice’ form and e-mail it as indicated on the form.”

Diocesan Compensation summaries are also available under the documents heading of Financial: Diocesan Compensation. This documentation is provided by each diocese in which the Province ministers. Questions regarding the information should be referred to the appropriate diocese, Dennis said.

Finally, the budget report is also available and due to the HNP treasurer’s office by April 1.  Last week,  Dennis distributed detailed instructions about fiscal year 2010 procedures to HNP guardians, ministry directors, friars living individually, chairs of HNP committees, and those in other leadership roles.

As always, users of the Extranet can find — in the New & Noteworthy section — updates about Holy Name friars.

Questions and comments about the Extranet or other sections of HNP’s Web site are welcomed by the Communications Office.  The goal is to make the Extranet, and all section of the site, as comprehensive and as useful as possible, said Jocelyn Thomas, HNP’s director of communications. Other sections of the Province’s site have recently been updated; they include Join Us, Justice and Peace, and Communications.