Helping Ministries to Inspire and Connect with Young Adults

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NEW YORK — As speaker Leo Vaccaro reminded friars in his speech at last month’s Provincial Chapter, young adults need the friars to inspire them, “with attractive young heroes like Jesus and Francis who were counter-cultural and young at the time of their conversation/ministry.”

March 19 will be a day of learning and sharing for those who participate in the “Evangelizing Youth and Young Adults” workshop at San Damiano Hall on West 31st Street. Friars and all youth and young adult ministers in Holy Name Province ministries are encouraged to attend this program, offered by the HNP Evangelization Directorate and the Province’s Young Adult Committee.

The registration deadline is March 1.

The workshop was planned to help “our ministry sites intensify or begin their outreach to young adults,” saidLawrence Hayes, OFM, co-chair of the HNP Evangelization Directorate.

“As we know, the friars of Holy Name Province have committed ourselves to the evangelization of young adults as one of our main priorities. Determining how we can engage them, inspire them and connect with them in life-changing ways is now our goal.”

He added, “We should not forget that 60 percent of Catholics in the United States under age 35 are Hispanic.”

The objectives of the 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. program are to:

  • Increase understanding of youth and young adults and what they seek from the Church
  • Develop practical strategies to help ministries better invite and involve youth and young adults

The workshop features Dominic Perri, a respected expert in ministry to young adults, who has worked for the Province on strategic planning.

Lawrence asks friars and their partners-in-ministry to “please take advantage of this opportunity to learn and share together around this important priority of the Province.”

Information about the program can be obtained by contacting Larry at St. Camillus Parish, Silver Spring, Md., (304) 434-8400 ext. 15.  A registration form can be found on the Events page of the HNP website.