Growing Greenville Parish Makes the News

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GREENVILLE, S.C. — The enthusiasm and generosity of St. Anthony of Padua Church here were featured recently in two local newspapers.

The Sept. 12 issue of The Greenville Journal describes how St. Anthony, under the leadership of Patrick Tuttle, OFM, meets both physical and spiritual needs of the community. The article, titled “By God’s Grace,” tells how the parish gives groceries and cars to those in need. It includes a cheerful photo of Patrick with children from St. Anthony’s School.

It describes Patrick’s journey to the Franciscans and to Greenville, noting that parish membership has more than doubled since Patrick arrived three years ago.  The article says that Patrick believes that, “people yearn for an opportunity to express their faith through action.”

Another newspaper also profiled the church. The Sept. 24 City People section of The Greenville News featured St. Anthony School teacher Mary Mujahid. She is a former resident of New Orleans who ended up in Greenville after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. After arriving in a temporary shelter Mujahid was befriended by Patrick Tuttle and Sr. Margie Hoesch of St. Anthony Church, the article noted.

After four months in evacuee housing, Mujahid was offered temporary housing at the church friary, adjacent to the church and St. Anthony Catholic School. Mujahid, who had retired after 30 years as an elementary teacher two months prior to Katrina, began volunteering at the school and eventually joined the staff as a K-to-5 teacher. 

Some recent events of St. Anthony parish include the Sept. 26 to 27  “Called & Gifted Workshop,” planned to help lay Catholics discern the unique work to which God is calling them, and to discover how God has empowered them to carry it out. In addition, the 19th Annual Walk for the Homeless was held Oct. 5.  Parishioners participated in a four-mile charity walk for Place of Hope, a service center for the homeless.