Get Away & Get Closer to God at the Mountain

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WEST CLARKSVILLE, N.Y. — Whether one wants to get closer to nature, closer to God, or just farther away from the computer and email, a trip to Mt. Irenaeus this summer is worth considering.

The Franciscan Mountain Retreat in upstate New York offers several upcoming events that may interest a wide variety of Province members. The one-day and weekend events promise “spiritual re-creation” at a place where, according to the website, “with Jesus Christ makes all things new.”

“Come and take some time for your soul,” said Kate Nolan Clemens, St. Bonaventure University graduate and former Mt. Irenaeus board member. “Get away from the computer, the Blackberry or other distractions so you can focus on feeding your spiritual needs with a generous serving of The Mountain.”

The next weekend event, “Christ in Our Lives,” takes place July 18 to 20, and is sponsored by the Franciscan Sojourners, one of several communities affiliated with Mt. Irenaeus.

Mike Fenn, a member of the Franciscan Sojourners, said a trip to Mt. Ireneaus is a great get-away from the hectic pace of life.

“In the comfort of the woods, hills, pond and home, join fellow Franciscan Sojourners and others who wish to step back from the hectic pace of daily life and step into the peace and warm hospitality of Mt. Irenaeus. Remember the love you feel for the Franciscan way of living the Gospel. Take time with us to be still and rediscover your friendship with our living God.  Our weekend will provide opportunities for private prayer and reflection as well as shared prayer and discussion,” he said.

Register by contacting Louis McCormick, OFM, at 585-973-2470.

Other events:
• July 10 — St. Bonaventure University Orientation Overnight
• July 25-27 — Franciscan Volunteer Ministry Reunion
• Aug. 13 — New Student Afternoon Away

Information about the programs can be found in its newsletter.

Details are also available from Daniel Riley, OFM, director of Mt. Irenaeus, and from an informational flyer from Mt. Irenaeus staff member Michelle Marcellin.