General Definitory Outlines Guidelines for Next Two Years

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As follow-up to the General Chapter that took place last year, General Minister Fr. Michael Perry, OFM, has released a document outlining the animation guidelines of the General Definitory, the Order’s General Council, for the next two years.

Tilted “Moving to the Peripheries as Brothers and ‘Lesser Ones,’” this document is intended to be used for reflection and discussion so that each friar can “discern what it means for us today to go to the peripheries, and develop practical ways and means of evangelization, conversion, mercy and loving care of our common home.”

The General Definitory hopes that the document “can be transformed into life plans and mission programs at every level of our Order, and so contribute to a process of renewal and growth in the Gospel journey of each fraternity.” The document is available in several languages and can be found on the Order’s website. 

In other news, the International Commission for Economic Affairs held its first meeting from Jan. 26 to 27 at the General Curia in Rome. The commission, made up of friars and lay experts in financial matters, is appointed by the General Definitory as advisors to the financial affairs of the General Curia, specifically to the Office of the Economo.

This ad hoc commission will become a permanent commission advising on a broad scope of financial matters, including property management, financial planning and reporting, investments and human resources. The members of the commission include General Vicar Fr. Julio Bunader, OFM; General Definitor Fr. Antonio Scabio, OFM; General Treasurer Fr. John Puodziunas, OFM; Leslie Quick, a debt and investment manager from the United States who graduated from St. Bonaventure University; and Wilmer Smeenk, a banker and lawyer from Holland.

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