FriarWorks: A New Way to Share the Franciscan Message

Jocelyn Thomas In the Headlines

NEW YORK — A new website has been created to share the work being performed by the Franciscans by telling the stories of the people benefitting from Holy Name Province programs.

FriarWorks, which replaces, was launched this month by the HNP Office of Development. The staff developed the site to share the stories of people receiving life-changing services from Holy Name Province ministries and the friars and partners-in-ministry who serve them, said David Convertino, OFM, executive director of the HNP Office of Development.

FriarWorks and its related social media accounts can be found at

The new website invites visitors to view FriarWorks “projects” which are categorized into four group: Friars Feed, Friars Educate, Friars Shelter and Friars Support. These projects highlight the services offered by HNP ministries, which provide access to food, shelter, medical care, education and support services.

“Go inside operating food pantries and see our volunteers hard at work,” said David. “Listen to the people living at our shelters and hear what students have to say about the schools we support. On the Friars Lives’ page, visitors can learn about the Franciscan friars and how they dedicate their lives to help those in need.”


The Office of Development is excited to share the change of its online presence from The Franciscans to FriarWorks, said David, who said the office had several goals when it redesigned its website. They include:

  • Calling attention to the work being performed by Franciscan friars and partners-in-ministry
  • Educating and familiarizing new and existing audiences with the Franciscans friars and our work
  • Generating funding to continue supporting HNP ministries as well as the formation and care for the elderly

“We want to share with you the work of friars and volunteers who are providing life-changing services to people in poverty,” David said. “Person by person, parish by parish, community by community, friars attack poverty with smart, targeted programs — and a whole lot of love and support. Visit to learn how friars lift people out of poverty and into the mainstream of daily life.”

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