Friars Transition to New Assignments

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NEW YORK – More than 40 friars were given new assignments in August when the Provincial Council members completed their fraternal assignment meetings. Over the last six weeks, these friars have relocated to new ministry sites – some to nearby friaries, and others to distant locations where they had to deal with the challenges of pandemic-related quarantine procedures.

Friars named to new guardian and pastor positions as a result of the Aug. 12 to 19 assignment meetings were published in the September issue of HNP Today.

All of the assignment changes and transitions were expected to be completed by Sept. 30. Obedience letters – official assignment documents – were sent to friars to notify them of their new assignments. The friars with new assignments are as follows:

► John Alderson, OFM, has been assigned to St. Mary Church-Friary in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey.

► Paul Breslin, OFM, and Jim McIntosh, OFM, have been assigned to St. Anthony of Padua Friary in Butler, New Jersey, and are living at the neighboring Assisi House.

► Casey Cole, OFM, Steve Pavignano, OFM, and Rodolfo Ramon-Cabrera, OFM – to St. Peter Claver Church-Friary in Macon, Georgia.

► George Corrigan, OFM, and Edgardo Jara-Araya, OFM – to St. Francis Church-Friary in Triangle, Virginia.

► John J. Coughlin, OFM, Mario Gomez-Tejerina, OFM, Barry Langley, OFM, Richard McFeely, OFM, James O’Connell, OFM, and Steven Patti, OFM – to St. Francis of Assisi Church-Friary in New York City.

► Thomas Donovan, OFM – to St. Anthony Friary in St. Petersburg, Florida.

► Christopher Dunn, OFM – to the College of Mount Saint Vincent Friary in Bronx, New York.

► Larry Ford, OFM, and Roberto Serrano, OFM – to St. Bernardine of Siena Friary in Loudonville, New York.

► John Gill, OFM, Cidouane Joseph, OFM, Paul Keenan, OFM, Charles O’Connor, OFM, and Paul Santoro, OFM – to St. Anthony Shrine in Boston, Massachusetts.,

► Ronald Gliatta, OFM,
and Michael Jones, OFM – to Sacred Heart Church-Friary in Tampa, Florida.

► Ignatius Harding, OFM – to Holy Name College in Silver Spring, Maryland.

► John Heffernan, OFM, and Paul Williams, OFM – to St. Camillus Parish-Friary in Silver Spring, Maryland

► Bill Herbst, OFM, Kevin McGoff, OFM, Matthew Pravetz, OFM, Richard Trezza, OFM, and Michael Tyson, OFM – to St. Anthony Friary in Butler, New Jersey.

► Greg Jakubowicz, OFM
, and Angel Vazquez, OFM – to St. Bonaventure University in Allegany, New York.

► Richard James, OFM  — to  St. Lawrence Friary, a skilled nursing facility, in Beacon, New York.

► Michael Johnson, OFM – to St. Patrick-St. Anthony Church-Friary in Hartford, Connecticut.

► Salim Joseph, OFM, and Gonzalo de Jesus Torres-Acosta, OFM, have been assigned to Duns Scotus Friary in Durham, North Carolina. Jim Sabak, OFM, has also been assigned to this fraternity although he resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

► Stephen Kluge, OFM – to St. Francis of Assisi Parish-Friary in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

► Robert Norton, OFM – to St. Bonaventure Church-Friary in Paterson, New Jersey.

► Gabriel Scarfia, OFM – to Saints Columba-Brigid Friary in Buffalo, New York.

► Jay Woods, OFM – to Blessed Giles Friary in Chicago, Illinois.

► Jacques LaPointe, OFM, and Richard Mucowski, OFM, have been approved to take sabbaticals.