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Below is news about some of the many activities of Holy Name friars – including their speeches, celebrations, and ministry work. More information can be obtained by visiting the links to the parishes mentioned, by contacting the friars by phone or e-mail, and by contacting the Provincial Office.

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Kevin Cronin gave a parish mission this week at St. Camillus Church in Rockaway Beach, N.Y., focusing on the theme “Awakening our faith in these challenging times.”  The July 7 to 11 program included Mass and an evening service.  Kevin, who is a member  of the Province’s Franciscan Ministry of the Word, said that people are much more contemplative in the summertime

John Maganzini participated with Sr. Mario Puleo, MFIC, in a team teaching program at Boston College’s Post-Masters Certificate in the Practice of Spirituality.  On July 2, they presented “Franciscan Ways of Prayer and Discernment” to the students enrolled in the first year track.  The presentation was done with lecture and Power Point and included prayer and reflective time.

James McIntosh is participating this week in the Chapter of Mats of the Provincial Misionera San Antonio de Bolivia.  Since October, Jim has been assigned to Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Dominic Monti participated in a meeting of the Secretaries of Formation and Studies of the English-speaking Conference in Chicago, Ill., from July 2-3 before traveling to St. Bonaventure University, where he is teaching a survey course in Franciscan history at the Franciscan Institute from July 9 to 27.

In June, Dominic visited the Province of Beato Fray Junipero Serra in Baja, Calif., where he met with Holy Name’s two Peruvian novices, Percy Osorio and Edgardo Zea. Percy and Edgardo are making their novitiate year with the Junipero Serra Province. The novitiate is located in Colonia Vicente Guerrero, approximately three and a half hours south of Tijuana.

Gerald Mudd
of St. Francis Chapel in Albany, N.Y., was quoted in an article in the June 24 Times Union titled “Confession booths go silent.”  Details are available on the Web site of the newspaper.

Jim Sabak and Gonzalo Torres represented Holy Name’s friars professed less than 10 years at the Chapter of Mats for young friars of the Order that took place in the Holy Land with the Minister General last week. A report about their experience at the July 1 to 8 celebration will appear in a future issue of this newsletter.

Brian Smail has completed three summers of study at Boston College’s Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry. During a special graduation “sending forth” liturgy on July 6, Brian and his classmates received their certificates in the Post-Masters Certificate Program in the Practice of Spirituality. The day began with a special morning prayer prepared by the graduating class followed by a noontime liturgy for the faculty and students of the Institute, according to John Maganzini.

Basil Valente is in England this summer directing St. Bonaventure University’s Francis E. Kelly Program study abroad program which is commemorating its 20th year later this month.