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NEW YORK — The publication of Franciscans International (FI) has a new look.

FI, which produces Pax et Bonum, in its New York City office, changed the format to a magazine with the June issue. The editorial team announced the change to readers in a letter on the inside front cover.

The message said that after two years of a newsletter format, FI had listened to reader feedback and modified the format.

Topics featured in the 12-page June issue included:

  1. Humanitarian efforts of Franciscans in Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific.
  2. The new FI office in Bangkok.
  3. Franciscans in Benin who are bringing the region’s infanticide to the attention of the United Nations.
  4. How laughter attracted a young German to the friars.
  5. Goals and inspirations of FI Executive Director Sr. Denise Boyle, FMDM.

Pax et Bonum, which measures 10.5 inches in height, is slightly smaller than a standard American magazine.