Franciscans International Publicizes World AIDS Day

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NEW YORK — Like many global organizations, Franciscans International (FI) recognized World AIDS Day this week by posting information on its Web site.

In a piece titled, “Keeping the Promise; Keeping HIV and AIDS as a Priority”, the FI site said, “Twenty years ago, the international community decided to put a particular emphasis on the HIV and AIDS pandemic by declaring Dec. 1 as World AIDS Day. Despite significant progress that has been made by some states, the infection rate remains critical in many countries, and is even worsening in some parts of the world.”

“While governments, international organizations and civil society organizations are striving to boost the effort and provide effective response to this overwhelming challenge, some promises remain unachieved. Franciscans International believes that HIV and AIDS must remain a priority in the agenda of the international community as a whole.”

FI supports the effort of the grassroots Franciscans at three levels:

  • Capacity strengthening
  • Advocacy
  • Education and information

FI is a non-governmental organization with General Consultative status at the United Nations, uniting the voices of Franciscan brothers and sisters from around the world. It operates under the sponsorship of the Conference of the Franciscan Family, and serves all Franciscans and the global community by bringing spiritual, ethical, and Franciscan values to the United Nations and international organizations.

The main issues on which FI advocates at the United Nations are development, environment, human rights, and peacemaking. The organization is headquartered in Geneva and has offices in many countries around the world, including New York City.