Franciscans Fr. Vitale and Fr. Zawada Arrested

HNP Communications Franciscan World

WASHINGTON — Fr. Louis Vitale, OFM, and Fr. Jerry Zawada, OFM, were among a group of peace activists arrested on Good Friday for protesting at several sites around the country, it was reported by Catholic News Service (CNS).

An April 13 CNS blog by Dennis Sadowski also reported that Catholic peace activist Paul Magno was arrested in Washington, D.C., after chaining himself to the White House fence in a contemporary crucifixion on Good Friday.

Fr. Vitale, former provincial minister of St. Barbara Province, and Fr. Zawada were part of a large protest at the annual Nevada Desert Experience at Creech Air Force Base near Las Vegas. Fourteen were charged with trespassing after walking through an open gate, seeking to walk with Air Force soldiers piloting unmanned drones over Afghanistan and Pakistan. Arraignments are set for June 9.

Eight people were arrested at the Pentagon for praying around a cross outside of a designated protest zone. They were among 50 people wearing black robes and white masks to symbolize the war dead.