Franciscan Volunteer Ministry Welcomes Participants

Katie Sullivan Features

As the Province’s Franciscan Volunteer Ministry begins its third decade, Director Katie Sullivan provides an update on this vibrant program and looks forward to the year ahead.

PHILADELPHIA — It is with great joy and hope that we begin the 20th year of the Franciscan Volunteer Ministry. The 2008 – 2009 year begins Aug. 16.

We remember and celebrate the 158 men and women who have served as FVMs, the countless people who inspired the Franciscan volunteer ministers through the diverse ministries, and the Franciscan communities where we have served, including Anderson, S.C.; Boston; Buffalo, N.Y.; Camden, N.J.; Philadelphia; and Wilmington, Del.

The 2008 – 2009 Franciscan volunteer ministers are gems. They will certainly be transformed through this year, witnessing joys and struggles, growing in faith, and further developing their expression of that faith. They will be reflections of God’s love to all they encounter — and they will encounter Christ in those with whom they minister and live.

For this coming year, we are small in number — a nationwide trend among full-time, year-long volunteer programs.

As we look to 2009 – 2010, we already have three potential volunteers working on their applications. If you know a young lay man or woman who would be interested in this unique Franciscan formation, in growing through expressed prayer and intentional community, and in serving with Franciscan ministries, please let us know.

About 90 percent of our alumni said they joined the FVM because of a personal invitation.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support of this beautiful ministry, which is life-giving for the volunteers, for the friars with whom the volunteers interact, and for the Franciscan ministries with which they serve.

Information is available at and by phone, 215-427-3070. Call before Aug. 12 with inquiries about the program that starts later this month.

— Katie Sullivan has served as program director of the Franciscan Volunteer Ministry since 1998.