Franciscan Sojourners Hold Second Event in Albany Area

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WEST CLARKSVILLE, N.Y. — The Franciscan Sojourners, a community based on Franciscan philosophies experienced at the Mt. Irenaeus Franciscan Mountain Retreat (“the Mountain”) here, met for its second annual gathering on May 18 near Albany, in upstate New York.

The Franciscan Sojourners community, formed in 2006, is a group of men and women working to bring the spirit of the mountain into their everyday lives. It consists largely of graduates of St. Bonaventure University.

Joe Aini, a member of the group, led a lively discussion, focusing on renewal. “We focused our discussion on the readings for the solemnity of the Holy Trinity, the relationship between the three persons of the Trinity in light of our own personal relationship with the Lord and with each other,” he said.

Groups like Franciscan Sojourners are unique, he added, because they promote the renewal of relationships on different levels.

“Renewal based on shared experiences as alumni from St. Bona’s, but also on the deeper renewal of relationship with the Lord by discussing the shared experience of walking his path, of being a committed Christian in an authentic way, with all the challenges that go with it.”

Aini acknowledges that groups like this take commitment because people must make an effort to be involved, in a time when life is so busy. “I wish more alumni were involved, but it takes setting aside the time and deliberately putting forth the effort to make the connections, which can be a challenge for people with many commitments.”

Shown in photo clockwise around table, beginning in front, are Dave Amico, Denise Romand, Joe Aini (back), Sr. Marianne Comfort, CSJ, (in pink) and Marian Roohan. Mike Camoin took the picture.