Franciscan Institute Sponsors Symposium to Mark Rule-Signing

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ALLEGANY, N.Y. – The only formal event in North America to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the traditional date of approval of the propositum vitaeof Francis and his early friars (April 16, 1209) takes place at the Franciscan Institute of St. Bonaventure University here next month.

From April 17 to 19, the Institute will sponsor “The Rule of the Friars Minor 1209 to 2009: Historical Perspectives, Lived Realities.” It features Dominic Monti, OFM, Michael Blastic, OFM, and Michael Cusato, OFM, director of the Franciscan Institute, who lives at the St. Bonaventure University Friary, among three other speakers. 

The conference gathers Medieval historians and contemporary practitioners of the Franciscan Rule, featuring major papers on the dynamics of Rule-making and Rule-living. 

Dominic will speak on “Deservedly Approved by the Catholic Church,” while Michael will address himself to “Minorite Life in the Regula Bullata: A Comparison with the Regula non bullata.”

Other scholars include William Short, “Revising the Earlier Rule: Carlo Paolazzi and the Work of Kajetan Esser”; David Flood, “The Early Franciscans at Work at a State-of-Nature Argument”; and Jean Francois Godet-Calogeras, “Clare and the Defense of Franciscan Identity.” Michael Cusato speaks on “Alms-asking and Alms-giving as Social Commentary.”

After the presentations, 10 reflections will be given by Franciscans coming from India, South Africa, Ethiopia, Peru, Philippines, Australia, Europe and North America. 

After that, the scholars and practitioners of the Rule will discuss what they learned and how the scholarly papers can enlighten contemporary practice. 

All members of the Franciscan family are invited. Registration can be done online, or by contacting secretary Tami Attwell at 716-375-2595,, by March 31.